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*Prices can vary depending on complexity

** Taxes are not included in the prices

Interested in a commission? Make sure to read all the information below!

In your email to me please include:

  • A subject line (the name of your character(s),

  • Which of the above kind of commission you'd like

  • How many characters you would like

  • Whether or not you'd like a background

  • Detailed discription of your character (see list below for help)

  • Reference pictures (pinterest boards, inspiration, colour schemes etc)

  • Whether I have permission to post work in progress pictures and/or the final product on social media

  • The deadline (this will affect the final price)

  • Your PayPal email (unless you're Dutch)

Information about payments:

  • I work through PayPal, unless you have a Dutch bank account

  • Paypal fees 5% to the commissioner

  • Payments under 30 euros are paid upfront

  • Payments over 30 euros are 50% paid upfront and 50% after approval of the final image

  • Wait for a PayPal invoice before paying

Things I will not paint:

  • Non-canon slash, incest etc. (i.e. Harry Potter in love with Ron)

  • Anything NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

Interested in something completely different than the above style? Don’t be afraid to ask! I’ll see what I can do in that case.

Send your email to, or use the contact page!

A List to help with Character Design

So you're gonna design your character! Whoop, fun! To make sure you don't end up with a generic looking character, but one that has a visible story I need to know some stuff. The rule of thumb with character creation is storytelling. A plain face is not interesting, but a face with a scar on the eyebrow and a very specific earring is interesting. Where did he get that? What does it mean? Try to incorporate your backstory into the details of your character. Bringing characters to life is what I love doing the most, so enjoy the process! 

1. Personality
- This is important for the feeling your character will portray. I don't need a completely detailed description of your character's personality, but give me his/her most important traits (like sassy, shy, arrogant etc.) 

2. General

- Gender
- Body type
- Specifics (like, big feet or missing a finger)
- Hair colour
- Eye colour
- Skintone

3. Clothing
- Footwear
- Legwear
- Torso
- Arms
- Hands
- Head
- Extra (belts, cloaks, scarves etc.) 
- Details (patterns, holes, dirt etc.) 

4. Details
- Any bodily oddities (crooked teeth etc.) 
- Scars
- Birthmarks (or freckles etc.)
- Jewellery
- Decoration
- Tattoos
- Hairstyle

5. Attributes
- Basically any object that you would like to show on your character (like weapons, a backpack, books etc.)