The Wolfhearts

“I’ll take him.”
“The boy is worthless.” the Sisters say, “He is damaged and unlikely to be of any use.”
“He has a strong pair of hands, doesn’t he? That’s all I need.”
He stares at a dirty wall and listens to what is said about him in a daze. The Sisters protest, but he learns quickly that once the Blacksmith sets his mind to something, there’s no changing it.
“What’s your name, boy?”
He looks up at the big man, but doesn’t say anything. There’s no point to it anyway. He’s useless. Useless. Useless.
“Look kid,” the big man says, a frown on his harsh face, “I can get you out of here. You look like someone who is used to work. I can give you a roof above your head and a job, but you have to give me something.”
It’s like the blacksmith’s rough voice and his sharply spoken words are the first things that manage to break through the fog.
“Brannon.” He whispers hoarsely, “My name is Brannon.”
The man makes a point of getting the Sisters attention.
“See?” he says to them, “If he’s smart enough to know his name, he’s smart enough to hold a bucket. He’s coming with me.”


I've always wanted to write and illustrate my own book, so for the past few years I have been putting down thoughts in my spare time that have been slowly forming into an actual story. The Wolfhearts is a project where I can let all my imagination loose and build my own world from scratch. For now, this is just a project that I love to work on in my spare time, but maybe, just maybe, this will be my first published work in the future.